Lagos Health Summit set to Strengthen Healthcare System for Resilience and Responsiveness


A resilient and responsive healthcare system is critical to delivering functional high quality healthcare services across varying conditions. Interestingly, this is a leading factor to a stable economy in Nigeria and Africa.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified the six (6) building block for a strengthened health system which are service delivery, health workforce, health information systems, access to essential medicines, financing, and leadership/governance. How can we improve each aspect of health system to collectively give a resilient and responsive healthcare system?

Lagos Health Summit (LHS) in its fourth (4th) year is creating another avenue to engage leading public and private stakeholders in the health sector, foster productive conversations centered on the healthcare development and offering networking opportunities in a business enabling environment.

Previous editions of the summit have discussed sustainable and equitable access to quality health care, how technology can help strengthen health care systems and how to leverage partnership for better health outcomes. Building on the remarkable achievements of previous events, Lagos Health Summit 4.0 is designed to host discussions with key public and private stakeholders on “BUILDING A RESILIENT AND RESPONSIVE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM”.

LHS 2023 will play a host to a global audience of unparalleled relevance across various health industry subsectors via a strategic conference and exhibition on the 26th of July at the SHELL HALL MUSON CENTRE, Lagos Nigeria with key emphasis on strengthening the healthcare system to improve delivery of quality healthcare services.

Key highlights of the event would include: Expert Speakers, Interactive Panel Discussions, Job Fairs, Networking Opportunities, and Exhibitions. To registration and participation in this pivotal summit, visit this link or contact Deborah via ( or +2349032861707.

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