UNIMED Inducts First Set of Medical Doctors: Pioneer Graduands Share Their Experiences as Students


On the 9th of June, The University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED) – Ondo state, held its first induction ceremony for graduands into the medical profession.

Located on Laje Road in the city of Ondo and established during the Mimiko’s-led-administration as the Govenor of the state; the institution stands as the first specialized university of medical & health sciences in Nigeria. Since inception, the university – under the leadership of the pioneer VC (Professor Friday Okonofua, FAS) and current VC (Professor Adesegun Fatusi, FAS) – has continually functioned towards training manpower for the health profession and becoming the best institution.

Being the first of its kind in the nation, the institution runs under a singular administrative team. Hence, the Vice Chancellor of the university doubles as the Provost of the Medical College. Likewise, despite recently receiving full accreditation from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) to successfully train and graduate medical doctors in February 2023, their pioneer medical students set started their final exams in March 2023 and got inducted by June 9, 2023. Setting a record as the fastest government-owned university to produce medical doctors – from accreditation to induction – within the shortest period possible, over the last 3 decades in Nigeria.

During the event, Fmr. Gov. Olusegun Mimiko – who is also a member of the medical profession – commended the efforts of the university leadership for upholding the dream of training competent healthcare professionals for the nation’s good and admonished the newly inducted medical doctors to retain their skills in the country for adequate provision of healthcare to the Nigerian population.

Following the induction ceremony, our Medical Mirror (MM) correspondent spoke with some members of the UNIMED’s pioneer medical doctors, also known as the “Pathfinder” set, who shared their experiences below:

Dr. Ige Olanrewaju (Dr. I. O.) – Clinical Postings Representative and the Final Year Committee Chairman for the Pathfinders.

MM: Congratulations on your recent induction into the medical profession, could you kindly introduce yourself?
Dr. I. O.: Thank you. My name is Olanrewaju Ige, a UNIMED Pathfinder (First set) Medical doctor, Professional Magician, Voice-over artist and Video editor.

MM: Wow, Professional Magician and Medical Doctor is a rare and interesting combination. What was it like and how did you become that?
Dr. I. O.: Indeed, very rare. Well, as a child, my father would make us check his empty pockets, recite some funny lines and drinks (the original capri-sun) would “magically” appear in his pockets. It was one of his many ways to impress us as his children, and I never forgot how amazing it always felt. So, growing up, I picked up a few tricks to amaze my friends and from there, over the years, I picked up more illusions to become “The Mastermind” I am today.

MM: Nice… So, how did you end up at UNIMED in Ondo studying medicine and surgery, knowing that you’ll be part of the first set to start up the school?
Dr. I. O.: Interestingly, I was a 200 Microbiology student at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA, also in Ondo State), when my father informed me of UNIMED and told me to apply. So, I did and was shortlisted for the interview. I had never experienced such interview before, and this particular one was an interesting experience. It was basically an oral exam, and I was examined on my “then discipline”, general knowledge and interest in Medicine. I went home, and on the day of my last paper in 200 level at AAUA, I got information that I was admitted. This actually made me laugh throughout the exam and didn’t bother to write much. Eventually, I resumed UNIMED after beginning 300 level in AAUA. Something that didn’t feel like a good decision then, but now, is the best decision I ever made.

MM: Wow, you’ve really had an interesting journey. How was the experience then, from your resumption till graduation?
Dr. I. O.: UNIMED was – and still is – a very unique medical school from Day 1. Because UNIMED tried to train us differently from the preclinical days, experimenting with different learning and examinations methods. Especially during clinical years, we trained under very nice and approachable people. So much that the Vice Chancellor was accessible to every student, all in all, it was a great experience.

Dr. Adara Motunrayo (Dr. A. M.) – Member, UNIMED Christian Campus Fellowship (UCCF) and pioneer medical set.
MM: Congratulations on your induction into the medical profession, can you share with us how you came across studying medicine and surgery at UNIMED?
Dr. A. M.: My father saw the advert in the newspaper and asked me to try out the school. which I did. After the interview, I was granted admission to study medicine.
MM: From resumption up until graduation, what was the experience like? And how did you feel about your induction day?
Dr. A. M.: Honestly, it was a rough road with highs and lows, good times and bad ones. Albeit, I’m grateful to God that it came to an end. My induction day felt unreal because it always looked like a dream – far away – throughout medical school.
MM: Knowing you were active in UCCF while in school, how where you able to manage with other school activities?
Dr. A. M.: Asides UCCF activities, I also partook in our final year week. And personally, I was able to combine it with the help of the Holy Spirit and personal discipline.
MM: As part of the pioneer set, were there any pros and cons or things you wished you were exposed to as students in UNIMED?
Dr. A. M.: Even though there were times I reconsidered my choice of enrolling in UNIMED, I believe there were some privileges we enjoyed as the pioneer set. One major “pros” was the close relationship we had with our teachers and school staff. While “cons” included the delay in our academic years, lack of hostel at the initial stage of school, low exposure to other normal school experience or extracurricular activities and not having predecessors.

Dr Busayo Akinmoju (Dr. B. A.) – Member, UNIMED pioneer medical set.
MM: Congrats on your induction Doc! How did you come to know about UNIMED and enrol to study medicine and surgery at the school?
Dr. B. A.: Initially, I was looking for admission to study Medicine and Surgery in the University of Lagos (UNILAG). I had done foundational diploma then, but it didn’t work out. So, I used the diploma result to apply for UNIMED’s Direct entry, and I got in.
MM: So far, how was your experience from resumption till date?
Dr. B. A.: The experience has been a roller-coaster of emotions. We had to face the challenges of medical school heads on, without a senior set to tell us what to expect. And that was definitely a lot to navigate. But I’m glad we’ve seen the end of it.
MM: Was there any point that you rethought about your decision of enrolling in UNIMED?
Dr. B. A.: Yes. Very early on in 200 level when we didn’t have a clear view on whether we would get accreditation or not.
MM: Any words of wisdom for the younger colleagues still in school?
Dr. B. A.: Definitely, “Just take everything – one day at a time”.

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